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Submissions are sought from individuals of memories, stories or narratives they associate with particular photographs.
The open call out is seeking text-based submissions of memories which individuals relate to specific photographs, especially those that poses significant memories or narratives for them and which might not be immediately apparent or visible from the viewing of the actual physical, photograph itself.

The call out is particularly interested in receiving memories which are associated / aligned with vernacular photography and the personal / family album.

Individuals are requested to provide an account of their memory, which will ultimately form part of a repository of photographic memories to be displayed online.

Advice on Submitting a Memory
The following advice is provided as a guide only to submitting your memory and aims to assist individuals in both compiling and relating their personal memory.

Question: Does my account of my memory need to be composed and grammatically correct?

Answer: No. We would prefer to receive accounts of memories that are natural in nature and more akin with descriptive speech rather than a refined piece of written prose or perfect composition / transcript of your memory.

Advice on Submitting a Memory (cont)

As such we have also provided an online voice recoding option for individuals to leave their memories if they so wish in addition to the general text submission option. Alternatively you may wish to tape / record yourself and then type in the resultant memory in online. Please note any of the above methods are fine.

Importantly, however we are attempting to capture your description of your memory as if you were verbally relating this or describing this to someone in the room, as in normal day to day speech or conversation.

These less grammatically composed memory submissions have proven more effective in communicating and connecting with an extended audience being more expressive in nature and generally more successful in relating your memory to others within the final works themselves.

Question: How long does my memory need to be?

Answer: Your submitted memory can be as short or as descriptive as you like, e.g.

"It's a photograph of my father. Its the only one I have really" or "It's a photograph of me and my family at the seaside. It's a rainy day and were all soaked. Everyones laughing because....."

Advice on Submitting a Memory (cont)

Question: Do I need to own / have the photograph in my possession?

Answer: No. We are looking for memories you associate with particular photographs. As such it is not necessary to have the physical photograph in you possession in order to submit a memory as part of the call for submissions.

Question: How will my memory be used?

Answer: We will attempt to upload all submitted memories where possible within the online Memory Repository as part of the website archive. Selected memories will also be created into final visuals as part of the overall project. Please see the Examples of Work section.

Question: Do I need to submit my name and contact details and will these be used / feature as part of the project / future exhibition(s)

Answer: No. Individuals names or contact details will not be used or provided to any other party other than the Artist, who may wish to use these in order to invite those who have submitted memories to the final screening / subsequent exhibitions etc. The artist however also realises that some individuals may well wish to be credited within the final piece. As such only those individuals who specifically request this will be mentioned in association with their submitted memory. Any requested credit will simply comprise of initial(s) and surname only, as in A.N.Other.

Additional information

Copyright: Individuals grant the artist the right to use their submissions for the purpose of creation of visual / audio pieces of work and their subsequent display. Individuals grant the use of their submissions as stated without further contact or compensation from the artist. Artist's recognition is provided with any use were requested (please refer to submissions requirements details). Individuals also grant the artist the right to use their submissions for online / offline marketing of the exhibition at the Bluecoat gallery, its website and any future subsequent display / rendition of the final body of work.

Submission deadline: Ongoing

The call is based on an concept suggested by visual artist Lawrence George Giles, and is a collaboration between Bluecoat Gallery Liverpool and LOOK, Liverpool International Photography Festival.

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