Memory of a Memory

Memory of a Memory is a collective memory project derived from individuals recollections of actual photographs that they hold dear, or which have a personal / specific memory attached to them.

The project aims to question the process by which photographs prompt memories, the distance of the actual reading of images and the photograph as much as a trace of memory as of reality.

The work reflects a series of themes and topics relating to the photographic image. In particular vernacular photography, the subjectivity of our own remembering and the reading or re-reading of these once the original photographic reference points are removed from the process.

Focusing upon each individual's 'reading' or memory of the photograph it is the participants / audience who are invited to stand in for the photograph in order to redeem, release and reveal the inherent narratives contained within, resulting in a repository of private yet publically shared photographic memories.

Open Call Out for Submissions

Submissions are sought from individuals of memories, stories or narratives they associate with particular photographs.
The open call out is seeking text-based submissions of memories which individuals relate to specific photographs, especially those that poses significant memories or narratives for them and which might not be immediately apparent or visible from the viewing of the actual physical, photograph itself.

The call out is particularly interested in receiving memories which are associated / aligned with vernacular photography and the personal / family album.

Open Call Out for Submissions (cont)

Overall the intent is to shift focus away from the indexical nature of the physical photographic image and by doing so reveal the hidden narratives and memories associated / within and at the same time provide a greater resonance for an audience not directly related or affected by the original image itself - from personal to shared, from deeply individual to privately, yet publically shared.

Individuals are requested to provide an account of their memory, which will ultimately form part of a repository of photographic memories to be displayed online

Please see the Submit a Memory section for further details